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Weasel Coffee from Vietnam

The civet has been known to consume coffee berries grown in Dak Lak, however, this small nocturnal animal doesn't do so indiscriminately. The civet, or weasel, picks up only the ripest and most flavorful berries to indulge in. The result is this: kopi luwak coffee for sale in small batches online.

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The Dak Lak province in central Vietnam is home to a variety of stunning natural creations, including breathtaking waterfalls, serene lakes, primitive forests and ancient caves. The land's rich and fertile soil makes Dak Lak an excellent location for farming developments specializing in tea, rice and coffee. The forests surrounding these plantations house a variety of exotic animal species ranging from the elephant to the civet.

On the eastern edge of the province, we found a small plantation that harvests civet coffee for sale in small amounts. These weasels are domesticated and fed a rich and diverse diet that includes an abundance of ripe coffee cherries. The plantation cares for its civets as though they were pets. They live in very large cages and consume a varied and healthy diet. They have privacy, veterinary care, and live longer than that would in the wild.

The resulting kopi luwak coffee is authentic and exquisitely rich, unlike any other coffee you've ever tasted. Once brewed, it includes complex overtones bordering on chocolate and has a creamy mouth feel.
We will custom grind your selection to your specifications. We carry small 20-gram samplers as well as larger 100-gram packages. Our 100-gram coffees will brew approximately 10 cups of coffee.

Not quite ready to indulge in a pure batch of weasel coffee? Try any of our other blends to tantalize the taste buds. We include a small amount of authentic weasel coffee in all of our other coffee blends. This creates a rich and complex flavor you just won't find in other Vietnamese coffee blends.