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In Vietnam, coffee time is a tradition much like teatime is in other parts of the world. Vietnamese coffee time is a rare combination of French influences and Vietnam's own coffee growing culture. Whether you're seeking out the complex tastes of Vietnam's coffee at home or abroad, you'll find that each cup is best enjoyed leisurely and brewed directly at the table. Vietnamese coffee can be taken in various ways: with milk, sweetened-condensed milk or even an egg. But what's the same about all Vietnamese coffee recipes is how the coffee is prepared.

To start, you'll need a blend of traditional Vietnamese coffee and a coffee brewer called a phin. The phin is placed directly over your cup or glass, where it filters hot water through your coffee grounds to create a variety of rich flavors right in front of you. This is called a pour-over method, and at Weasel Coffees, you'll find all of the pour-over coffee supplies you'll need to create the perfect cup of coffee delight.

Each of our Vietnamese coffee kits includes our three most tempting coffee varieties. Indulge in rich mocha flavors, complex sweet notes and a general feeling of peace and wellbeing each time you brew. Once you've tried Vietnamese coffee and its coffee time traditions, we know you'll never go back to your normal coffee routine. Vietnamese coffee sets make thoughtful gifts and support our efforts to bring essential school supplies to Vietnam’s most rural villages. Shop now to choose from a variety of gourmet coffees and gourmet coffee supplies your recipient will love.

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