Our Highlands Community
Enhancing Opportunity for Generations

It's not JUST coffee...

At Weasel Premium Vietnamese Coffees, we believe that partnerships and education will help create a world that works for all of us. We partner with small coffee farmers that have the same commitment. Our partners save the best coffee harvest for you, and by purchasing our coffee products, you provide resources that help their children stay in school. A bicycle here, a textbook there, or a pair of shoes -- or extra farm help to keep the children in class instead of in the field. On behalf of all of our partners, thank you for your purchase. Be assured that your support will, over time, help to improve the livability of our common planet.

Our latest trip to the Central Highlands. Mr. Phong is seen here arranging donations of notebooks, pencils, snacks, and cash scholarships to the local school.
Getting to the farmers' villages is difficult. This village is 30km out of Buon Ma Thuot. The oncoming traffic is a farmer on a motorcycle, bringing product to market.

New Playclothes! Vietnamese children wear uniforms to school, but these children appreciate new clothes any time!
This little girl says "Thank you!"
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