The Beans are Different, the Technique is Different!

Most of the coffee grown in Vietnam is Robusta. The reason: Arabica beans grow best only at high altitude, and produce lower volume and are more subject to disease. Robusta produces larger volumes of coffee cherries, and is less prone to diseases found in tropical regions.

These two varieties also vary in flavor. Arabica tends to be a milder flavor with lower caffeine content, while Robusta tends to be stronger in flavor with a higher caffeine content. This means that, in order to make it palatable, we need a different technique for roasting the Robusta variety.

Arabica beans are roasted at high temperatures for short periods of time, which gives it it's 'burnt' flavor. The outer layer of the bean is charred. With Robusta, the Vietnamese developed a technique similar to French roast, where the beans are roasted at lower temperatures for longer periods. This develops the flavor throughout the bean without charring the outside layers. The result is a consistent, well-rounded coffee that retains the characteristics of the Robusta bean.

You cannot let anyone tell you what you like. Try our coffees for yourself and see if the Vietnamese technique suits your tastebuds!