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Why should you try Vietnamese coffee? 

a 15 minute vacation
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No need to take our word for it... here are just a few of our clients' comments:

"The coffee I will judge others against"
Excellent, highly recommended"

"This coffee is off the hook!"
"Perfect Mr. Phong"
"I would recommend this coffee to anyone"

"Outstanding coffee, smooth with a full body..."
"Unique taste, unlike the others."
"Better than I could have imagined"
"Makes the best espresso I've ever had!"

Start your new year off right by trying our exceptional coffees. Your satisfaction is guaranteed -- if you don't like it, we'll buy it back!

Stainless Steel Phin Bat Trang Ceramics 100 percent weael coffee
Phin (coffee filter) Select ceramics Authentic 100% Weasel
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