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If you could smell this coffee...

I rememember then I was a little child and grandma would make coffee in the electric percolator.  It smelled wonderful!  Not only does Daily Delight have that same wonderful aroma, it has that real coffee flavor that only comes from the Robusta variety.  Roasted moderately and blended with some Arabica beans, Daily Delight gourmet Vietnamese coffee packs that morning whallop without the bitterness found in most Robusta coffees.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!  250 grams (8.8  ounces).

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee
(cà phê sữa đá)

per serving:

4-6 oz. of your favorite brewed Weasel brand coffee
Sweetened condensed milk (the thick stuff)

ice in a tall glass

Pour 2 tbsp condensed milk into bottom of tall glass.  Fill with ice.  Pour brewed coffee over the ice. Put the straw down to the bottom.  Garnish.  After the coffee cools, the milk will taste like mocha ice cream.

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